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Last Saturday, the Green Men, my faery ritual circle, celebrated Lammas by performing our version of six tales of Dionysus. We celebrated Dionysus and Thyone as God and Goddess, bringing together sacred ingreedients from the four directions to concoct the sacred sangria. The telling of each tale was followed by short songs I wrote for the occasion and drinking of the sangria:-) The melodies of the songs were taken from the Door's Waiting for the Sun which is the most loved Door's album by one of our members. I recommend putting Waiting for the Sun on your turn table so you can sing along as you read. Thank you P. for your great narratives!
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08 July 2008 @ 10:07 pm
I awoke at 5:00 a.m.today, the thumping bass line of "Let Me Feel Your Pussy" vibrating in my mind, visions of a drag queen, low-cut beaded dress barely covering cantaloupe sized implants gyrating. Were they implants? I couldn't help but imagine and feel the man underneath when I tipped her. But that's where I'm at. Yes, I found myself at Jacques Cabaret again, site of so much of my debauchery over the years, unlikely launching pad of my latest musical endeavors my current band aside. My friend M. was in town from SF and when she rolls into town, the party follows. Or maybe it's our influence on one another that opens up our doors of perception. I always have to adjust a little to her thorough, consensus building processing of most decisions but goddess we connect when we see each other. Lots of classic cabaret gowns and numbers made up the showJ And lots of cheap cocktails were downedJ Just what the soul needs sometimes. M's an experienced tipper and drew the performers to her like a disco party magnet. I couldn't help but remember my 33rd B-day there--my ride in a body bag to the stage and subsequent 33 strikes with a lash while my band played Jesus Christ Superstar. Indulgent yes but one has to go for it sometimes. I tried to forget the length of time that had elapsed since then. I held the image of the man who did the lashing in my clouding thoughts. Tragically, he died young like so many. Blessed be. I strained to hear if the punk rock basement stage was open. It was silent. Drag queens were coming up to M. grinding between her legs. The dollar bills were flying. The disco pounded. And we ordered another round of Jack & Gingers. Later, M. and I would splash toward each other, our nude bodies embracing for an instant, the cool, gentle density of the city reservoir waters surrounding us and the confetti of lights dancing. D_r
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19 June 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Well, better late than never with my second post. I celebrated our city's GLBT Pride this past weekend how meaningful and special it was for me. All the banks, hospitals and politicians and their floats rolling along couldn't diminish my "inner fabulous." so much sun and blue and so many friends I have been missing lately colored that day. My favorite moments: the sweety, meaty hug from W. who dashed out of the parade when I called, the scruffy kiss from R., friends lining up making appointments for my famous big daddy-handed birthday spankings, all those dike's on every type of bike imaginable, and more and more hugs and, of course, spending time with beloved A. How sweet… D_R
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13 June 2008 @ 04:32 pm
Rock after 40? And there I was in the new band, The Astromastics all coordinated in our glow-in-the-dark glasses jamming away on the bass. And it was like putting on a favorite shirt lost years ago and feeling reinvented, nipples hard under the fabric. And there S. was, jumping around with her ax and T. pounding away behind me. Was I dreaming? The power of the microphone, the guitar, the sweat, your riffs reverberating in the cozy room...it was so damn good. It was so good to see all the old scenesters. And our friends were so good to us showing up midweek. We got hot and sweaty together again. There's so much more I want to do with this now and tighten up my playing. We opened for the Inout and the Cannanes from Australia followed by Plunge into Death. Fabulous lineup and all different. I've got to push this button again and soon!!
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